Jailbreak Iphone Pros & Cons Advantage Disadvantage

This video gives you both sides of the story to allow you to decide if you want more functionalities but in return for your iphone crashes more foften and things get slower.

Sorry child yelling in the background.

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13 thoughts on “Jailbreak Iphone Pros & Cons Advantage Disadvantage

  1. plz tell me that can i receive and send message(sms) when my iphone 3g is in sleep mode,or i am using some else application,note that if my phone is not jailbreaked.plz tell me

  2. @tonda01 You fail at making points. It's not slower and it has hundreds of thousands of more capabilities through jailbreaking than Apple will ever give it. Learn to talk about something you have knowledge of and possible experience.

  3. So basically you turn your idevice with jailbreak into a total crap and wipe out all smoothness, which is Apple try to improve in every new OS update… right?

  4. Quite possibly the worst video on youtube. You don't give any side of the story! All you say is Cydia is slow and you show the backgrounder app slide down and thats it! lol at your thumb though, its the fastest thumb in the world.

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