Lifelong iPhone User Switches To The Galaxy S10

After having iPhones for nearly a decade, Business Insider’s Jacqui Frank has decided to make the switch to the Samsung Galaxy S10.

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30 thoughts on “Lifelong iPhone User Switches To The Galaxy S10

  1. 0:40 so true, we're on the same boat. im planning to switch to android when i have enough money to buy one 😂. im getting bored of the same home screen, same everything since ios 7

  2. Me:Getting a android pad:Ugg, so annoying
    Me after a year: Getting a iPad 6:YEAH!Never looking back
    March 2020:I hate Android, but just “fake” admire the android users
    Me again: after holding a galaxy fold from my moms friend and seeing the s10:Omg, so pretty! Let me buy galaxy fold and XR!
    Me knowing I can’t afford both: 😭

  3. The camera on samsungs are horrible every time I used them in the store the camera glitch and this is legit then it exited the app and the hole screen did not respond and turned of, then later it turned on but still did not respond and it started swiping right and left and turning Google on without the employees or me do anything or touching it.

  4. I would congratulate you, not say some dumb stuff like “You can’t just switch” it’s more of a “I’m glad you made a better investment” S10 user here

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