Live Stream with GoPro and iPhone -Kingston DIY in 5 Ep. 9

GoPro are awesome to document your extreme lifestyle, but did you know you can live stream with a GoPro and iPhone? Trisha has you covered with step by step guide so you can periscope live stream in style. Subscribe to Kingston for more episodes:

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36 thoughts on “Live Stream with GoPro and iPhone -Kingston DIY in 5 Ep. 9

  1. Apparently it doesn’t work at all the way you showed. It will only work for my phone camera and that’s it. So GoPro 6 with an iPhone 6 Plus is a no go.

  2. Trying to live stream with my GoPro 5 and it doesn't work, watched gazillions of how to video and it still doesn't work. Will use my phone instead. I am mind blown that in 2018 it's not plug and play.

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