Most Popular iPhone 2007 – 2020

In this video we’ll look at the global sales of all iPhone models in order to see how they performed in comparison to each other. I include unit sales from the first iPhone in 2007 to the latest, iPhone 11. The popularity is based on unit sales not on how units are currently in use. I also include some quick info for the first few models to keep you entertained.

2007 – iPhone
Introduced revolutionary interface

2008 – iPhone 3G
Introduced 3G & GPS

2009 – iPhone 3GS
Featured Autofocus &…

32 thoughts on “Most Popular iPhone 2007 – 2020

  1. It's weird how 6/6 Plus is the most popular iphones. It should be 6s/6sPlus.
    iPhone 6s could be said something as revolutionary.

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