My iPhone Ringer Keeps Turning On And Off. Here's The Fix!

David and David explain how to fix the problem when your iPhone ringer keeps turning on and off. Most of the time, this is caused by a hardware issue related to the Ring / Silent switch.

Software problems can also cause ringer issues, so work through our troubleshooting steps before scheduling a repair or replacing your iPhone.

0:29 Clean The Ring / Silent Switch
1:08 Check Silence Unknown Callers
1:34 Check Blocked Contacts
1:48 Check Do Not Disturb
2:11 Check Ringer Volume In Sounds &…

25 thoughts on “My iPhone Ringer Keeps Turning On And Off. Here's The Fix!

  1. I have an iPhone XS Max The button is working I cannot turn the ringer on or off by tapping the button and there is resistance. What I’m concerned about is when I silence the phone I could hear the button click but when I reenable the volume of the ringer that’s when I don’t hear the clicking sound of the button. Does that my phone needs to be serviced soon or its nothing to worry about?

  2. Do not disturb is the biggest culprit. I met a lady who was going to buy a new phone because she wasn’t hearing her phone ring. I saw the moon icon in the top and figured her DND was on. This has happened to a couple other people I know. I always schedule my DND to go on at 11:30pm and off at 11:30pm in ten even that gets turned on accidentally. If you don’t use your DND this is great thing to do in the event it gets turned on without you realizing it.

  3. Can you help‼️ My iPhone 11 is stuck on the speaker. When ever I try and put my headphones is it never Recognizes them. I have tried to clean it out and that still hasn’t work. What should I do???

  4. Thanks you two. As someone in their late 70s, being able to pass on your tips to my younger relatives makes me very cool! Keep up the good work.. Tony in Scarborough, England

  5. I have been to the Apple store several times to have different iPhones with this same problem fixed. They told me I had no problem. This was so frustrating. Thanks for given me a solution.

  6. Pretty helpful but mine does it two or three times in 30 seconds and that’s not what you described. Thanks anyway I am trying the switch again though, it’s been in off position for a week or so now and doesn’t do it there. TY, and by the way, I think that switch should be a battery bypass switch, so plugging phone in would make it usable right now!

  7. Just need to say that this was so helpful! It’s been driving me crazy why some calls ring and others don’t. For example, my doctor’s office called this morning and it never rang. So if I want it to ring when they call, I have to add them to contacts? I do have the “silence unknown callers” off.

  8. I bought the iPhone app from AT&T, and corn and never rang and had no speaker on one side and they were to fix it, instead they came out with a service from disconnecting my other two. 6S* phones As I needed all the information on them, but need them all exactly the same which means I lost my information since I couldn’t sign in the broken screen, they didn’t update all my valuable information that I paid $250 to fix and I am angry and very serious You from 9/11 as a first responder with the first victim. Which means I didn’t have the ability to Run there when I needed to And time has passed and this phone is even with the sound is so low it’s absolutely horrific and I am so angry everything I Touch seems to turn to crap, and I’m furious in my condition I don’t need this
    crap. I was under a year and they gave me a service phone not a new one and I’m furious any advice?

  9. Whenever I get in my car to go to work in the morning my iPhone 10 automatically select iTunes and plays a track. I never use iTunes I use Spotify. It’s almost like Apple are forcing it on? How do I stop this annoying issue please?

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