New 2018 iPhone Xs Leaks: 4GB RAM, Dual-Sim & More!

Shop now – We get our first look at what appears to be a leaked USB-C iPhone charger. 9to5Mac shares factory molds of the iPhone 9 …

39 thoughts on “New 2018 iPhone Xs Leaks: 4GB RAM, Dual-Sim & More!

  1. I've had the iPhones since 2010, iPhone 4, then 5, then 6Plus.. Last year I bought the iPhone X with 256Gb, but then sold it 2 months later.. I decided it's time to try something else.. Right now I'm using an old worn out iPhone 5 to get me by, but I've been watching reviews on the Samsung S10 models.. I'm thinking about going that direction when it is released… I really hate spending $1000 for any phone … Soooo .. we'll just have to wait and see what it looks like up close..

  2. wow 4GB…. so while most manufacturers give you 8-16Gb for half the price, Apple decided whooping overpriced new iPhone with 4GB Ram is good enough I guess…

  3. I wish this new iphone got new features more hightech and advance they must have a in screen finger print sensor Irish scanner better camera stronger ram new sensors stronger speaker has a good display more better waterproofing and have thinner vessels and dual sim but i domt teally mind dual sim cause only asian use that plus another one fast charging wireless charging and 5G

  4. I have an idea. Get you facts straight before you correct yourself in your videos while recording. Or drop your channel. You sound like a moron.

  5. If the iPhone X plus does not have true multi tasking like the note that Huge screen is a waste and Apple just made a lot of new note users.

  6. Apple Will Create A Camera That Always Open your House With FaceID For all your Family with out you Going to the Door or Use your iPhone and it Good even in PowerBrakes. Even for Your Friend when someone is in the House in Killer Patent And it’s good even for AllFood and WallMart and More with out your Concern. With SuperFaceID

  7. The iPhone will never have micro SD card support because Apple can't make money on it. When the EU specified that they wanted USB-C to charge they didn't mean for it to plug into the adapter as USB-C but into the phone. Stupid apple.

  8. the bezels on the 6.1 aren't that noticeable, I might go for that one seeing its almost identical and way cheaper now if it comes in a classical blue trimmed in silver ,not that 5c toy like one.

  9. Apple won’t switch the iPhone port to usbc. They’ll just kill the lightning port which I really want to happen already. Wireless is the future

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