New iPhone at ~30k: Dual Sim Variant Revealed?

In this video we tell you all about the latest budget iPhone, the dual sim iPhone X that is launching later this year.

Where to buy?

iPhone X – –

iPhone 8 Plus – – – –

The new 6.1 inch iPhone is supposed to sport a LCD screen with the iPhone X like notch.

Inside it should sport…

47 thoughts on “New iPhone at ~30k: Dual Sim Variant Revealed?

  1. If iPhone will be under 35k then no matters about specs in India it will boom the market….then what about other flagships πŸ˜πŸ˜πŸ˜‰πŸ˜‰

  2. A dual Sim iPhone might never see its light at the end of the tunnel. But the analysts predictions of 3 new models is bang on. He’s never gone wrong till today.

  3. Sundar, dont get me wrong but what u or Ash says, I hardly understand bcoz u talk unnecessary. Make ur video short and use simple English like Ranjit Sir. I really want to watc ur videos since u review latest products of China.

  4. Even the higher variants of Iphone cut corners. I wonder what corners they'll cut for this dual sim one. I would just say don't get too sold on this. It's Apple after all. A new Iphone SE however, could find a lot of takers.

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