NEW iPhone Tricks You Didn’t know Exist

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37 thoughts on “NEW iPhone Tricks You Didn’t know Exist

  1. I tried a few suggestions in your video.

    1) I had the features turned on yo read my text and I did exactly as you suggested and it never read the text message and my setting was turned on already.

    2) I had the the iPhone weather app on (when using app) and I set my “do not disturb” to my current time and it never displayed the weather.

    I have an iPhone 8 Plus and I’m running iOS 13.3.1 if that matters.

    UPDATE: I tried a forth and fifth time and now it reads back the text. Don’t know why it didn’t the first few times I tried. But I’m still not getting the weather to display.

  2. I have an iPhone. This is why iOS sucks. You can’t even move your icons exactly where you want them. They need more customization options that don’t take 20 steps. It’s version 13 and they still make little things cumbersome and awkwardly in the ui. For example the settings icon is fucking stupid. You should be able to swipe down and setting should automatically be in the controls. Notifications should be accessible by just swiping down anywhere up top like android. It’s just better. You should be able to clear notifications with one swipe to the right. Not 3 fucking swipes. There are countless other examples. It’s like apple doesn’t want to make things easy and smooth on purpose.. I dint get it man…

  3. Looks like iOS 13 is slightly different on the iPad. It doesn't have that weather extension to put on the lock screen.

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