New iPhone Xs Max Leaks: 6.5" Display, Dual Sim Cards, Gold Returning!

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Apple plans to release three new iPhone models in the second half of 2018, according to a new report from Bloomberg: the iPhone X Plus, second generation iPhone X and new 6.1″ LCD iPhone X-like phone. For the higher end iPhone models, dual-sim functionality is being explored alongside the return of the gold…

30 thoughts on “New iPhone Xs Max Leaks: 6.5" Display, Dual Sim Cards, Gold Returning!

  1. So far, this has been my favorite Iphone!>>> It was a little awkward not having the home button, but other than that everything has been awesome! I had a 6SPlus, so the X's screen is smaller, but I actually prefer that. Fits in pockets and purses better! The camera is amazing…just saying! A definite must upgrade kind of deal!

  2. The iPhone X is the perfect size in my opinion. I loved the 8 but the screen was too small, and I loved the 7 plus but the body was too big. And as for the notch, I like it. It makes the phone stand out.

  3. I’m on 8 Plus now and bigger screen iPhone X is something to look forward to if its footprint is no bigger than an 8 Plus.

    Dual-sim is nice as well because I travel within SE Asia a lot and most people I know who travel for leisure including myself don’t roam internationally. However, due to all of my bank accounts uses two-factor authentication via SMS, online banking outside my home country is quite a hassle as I need to switch simcard every time I need to make transactions abroad. One time, I forgot to switch off data roaming/disable mobile data, I get bombarded with data roaming charges when I came back home.

  4. Will new iPhone X Plus & iPad Pro X in 2018 support the recording 4k at 60, 120, or 240fps for SMOOTHER slow-motion? We are waiting for this new amazing feature for 4k production along with standard 4k 30fps.

  5. You have free roaming between EU-countries now. So you get to bring all your carrier capabilities with you. And when I went to Canada this past summer I got better deal from my carrier in Sweden than I would get from a local Canadian carrier, which is just crazy. So I ended up paying a small fee to my carrier and had free roaming and phone calls during my entire stay in Canada. Think Dual-sim will be more interesting for people who have work and private sims or if you're in Asia.

  6. Seriously. A design revision of the notch. Wow. Such bravery. A 6.5" screen would be great. I had a 6.3" Samsung a few years ago, and it was delightful. Unfortunately, I forgot it was in my pocket and went for a swim.

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