New Red iPhone 8/X Coming Soon & No March Event Livstream?!

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New red iPhone 8 or iPhone X models could be on the horizon, the March event won’t be live-streamed, and Bloomberg says that a…

25 thoughts on “New Red iPhone 8/X Coming Soon & No March Event Livstream?!

  1. I think they are not live streaming just because they don't want to show failing to unlock with FACEID and even if they fail so they can edit those recorded video

  2. Who gives a crap at this point?!?

    The Product (red) still costs the same bloody price of $1000 USD!

    ALL THAT $$$ better and should only go to charity instead of profit margins and pockets of Apple executives!

    And folks tend to put cases on their iPhone X because of its glass back. Kinda idiotic ain't it?

  3. Apple will have to record & edit out because it’s at a school people. A school. I think Apple will only be releasing products aimed at the cheaper end. We will probably have to wait till the June keynote 👍🏻

  4. They wont livestream it because when iphone x was released, the failed face ID thing. Maybe they dont what that kinda thing happen again?! So maybe there will be something about iphone x?!

  5. It would be nice if there was a black one. Not space gray but a nice deep black.

    But the red one would be nice, and on the 8 have a black front . Not white

  6. If they are not live streaming the event then why is the March 2018 Apple Event appearing on my Apple Events app telling me I can watch it at March 27 at 8 AM? I call fake news! I think they will live stream it.

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