NOT WHAT I EXPECTED – iPhone 12 Pro vs. GoPro Hero 9 Black

Comparing the iPhone 12 Pro vs GoPro Hero 9 Black to see if you still need a GoPro these days! SnapMounts: Dope MERCH: …

43 thoughts on “NOT WHAT I EXPECTED – iPhone 12 Pro vs. GoPro Hero 9 Black

  1. on 7:33 gopro looks like a cheap camera. DR on Iphone looks amazing! I have a gopro 9 and 7 and I wanted to say – don't buy gopro 9, because FHD and 2.7k looks worther on gopro 9 than on 7. I was shocked a bit after watching on it but… how can you compare gopro and Iphone even on 7:33 you can see much more details (your cap for exampe, green color under and not underexp. shadows)

  2. GoPro looked too warm to me. Iphone looked a bit more natural for skin tones. I would rather slightly touch up the iPhone footage than correct the GoPro footage. Just my preference.

  3. Without a doubt GoPro is better. And so much better that is a surprise. Iphone can't match GoPro on sky but I think Iphone may beat GoPro in low light indoors/ home / hotel pool side etc.

  4. You understand the real quality when you bring them to premier pro. Even gopro hero 8 is way much better than iphone 12 and samsung s21. Color grading iphone footage is very difficult due to its data bit rate. Iphone looks best in iphone not in premier pro. Amazing video. I watched 2 times

  5. Clear win for the iPhone for me. The crushed blacks on the GoPro just destroy everything. Almost Everything you said the GoPro does better, you can manage to get in post production. But you can’t get the detail in those crushed blacks back as good. Audio is also worse. GoPro looks like someone took the contrast and dialed it all the way to 200%. You can get way more out of the flatter look on the iPhone. GoPro really disappointed me with those shadows. But for action/sport, the GoPro is of course better, not because of video quality but it’s just built for action. Silhouettes is something you don’t want when filming in that case. SmartHDRs whole purpose is to get rid of those while not overexposing.

  6. A lot of people watching this already have an iPhone 12. I’m wondering how good it will be if I just add a DJI Osmo gimble to my iPhone 12 and then compare it with GoPro?

  7. Hi, could you tell me what you used to rig the iPhone and the GoPro together on one mount. I was thinking of getting something like that so I could use the phone as a screen monitor for the gopro.

  8. 8:49 shows exactly what i described in my previous comment. Movement of the iphone's camera appears very slow compared to the gopro (because of the larger radius when rotating the lense). Big downside of smartphones

  9. I noticed that smartphones have a larger radius around which the lens has to be rotated when the camera (together with the phone body) is moved to the left or the right, which causes signifcant distortion, especially when recording in horizontal position. Did anyone notice this issue ? I find it is the major downside of vlogging with a phone. Bigger phone equals larger roation radius of the lense and results in more distortion.

  10. I think it’s about taste. I personally don’t like the amount of saturation that GoPro puts in there but a lot of people do. I think they both have their uses.

  11. Kind of a bad comparison. U shot in HDR and used that instead of shooting regular. Not a fair comparison. Also the iphone 12 has many many features as a camera that the gopro doesnt have. Though the gopro has a few that the iphone doesnt too. But in terms of the total package the iphone wins out.

  12. Since the google pixel 2xl, i rather get the new pixel over the new iphone in a heartbeat. pixel + gopro all day (btw the pixel camera is insanely good )

  13. Well, the iPhone has many usefull features, but we are comparing just the cameras. To be honest during shooting a video with a gimball iPhone is fine, but I am always affraid of the expensive phone. While, when I use GoPro I know it was created for filming, even in hard conditions.

    Also I like the footage of the GoPro more, so my selection would be the following:
    * iPhone for a daily use, to shoot some quick shots/videos
    * GoPro for every case, when I would like to create a nice and ultra stable video, but an additional "Vlogging kit" will be needed.

  14. If I already owned an iPhone 12, then I wouldn’t buy the GoPro HERO9. But since I don’t own any of this 2 devices and I want to record in 4K, then the GoPro is the winner because it cost about $1,000 less.

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