OFFICIAL iOS 7 Jailbreak For iPhone iPad & iPod Touch

OFFICIAL iOS 7 Untethered Jailbreak For iPhone iPad & iPod Touch

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33 thoughts on “OFFICIAL iOS 7 Jailbreak For iPhone iPad & iPod Touch

  1. I have a problem. Since I already jailbroken my iPad mini with IOS. 7.1.1. Ever since I updated my IPad to 7.1.2 my cydia and all my other apps I got from cydia just vanished. Can anyone explain how I can get them back? Plz I would appreciate the help.

  2. Hey I did everything right but when It finishes it doesn't reboot and cydia doesn't show up only the evasion 7 app stays

  3. please ipod will start with apple sign,then shut down,then again start with apple sign and shut down..its been 1 hr ..please help 🙁

  4. hi its not working with my iphone 5 ios 7.0 
    after i tap at the evasion 7 it restart than i get the unlock to continue and the window close with out it being done what can i do?

  5. I am using my new Ipod 5th gen with ios 7.1 . I got the same thing and it says this, " Sorry, the version IOS (11D167) of the attached device is not supported" what is this and how do i fix it?? Help!!

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