Official iPhone 6 Display Assembly Replacement Guide –

– iCracked, the world’s best iPhone, iPod, and iPad repair & buyback company, shows you how to repair your iPhone 6 with their Official iPhone 6 Display Assembly Replacement Video & Instructions.

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40 thoughts on “Official iPhone 6 Display Assembly Replacement Guide –

  1. just repaired my cousin iPhone 6, his screen was badly crack but after repairing I could not test out the screen and the components because he forgot his passcode lol. THANKS AGAIN for such a great video. Btw I love the music at the end, made me feel like I completed a mission lol.

  2. the metal plate that covers the cable for the home button flex cable & accessory cable is that needed & will it cause problems if it not there?

  3. this video is WRONG, the LCD bar is in the wrong place. at 15:49 he talks about putting the thermal plate below the LCD bar, but at 22:38 you can clearly see it is underneath!!!! twats, now I have to undo everything!!!!! Also he misses out entirely the two translucent plastic guards around the front camera and some other part, if you don't move these across your iphone shell will crack around the earpiece.

  4. The phone is really good.>> It looks as they described it that it has light scratch from behind, but it doesn’t matter when you use a cover to protect your phone. I have it now for less than year and works perfectly so far. No problems with it. But I wish it had a wire headphone

  5. Just a tip, they sell screens with the actual lcd screen and home button, camera, and calling speaker already put in. It’s so much easier.

  6. Good job at explaining! The only problems I had were the cable going underneath the thermal plate and the order of cables connecting at to the phone part. It might have been the display I bought where they were out of order but I figured it out eventually. Also every time I replace a screen myself the display seems a little grayer or more contrasted? Weird

  7. Hey man, thanks so much for the tutorial, it helped me to successfully replace a broken iPhone 6 screen (as well as transfer my home button and camera/proximity sensor from my old screen to the new one, as the new one didn't come with them). Everything seems to be working great (although I haven't verified the proximity sensor is working yet). Thanks again!

  8. The first video i have seen that you showed where the display flex cable goes good job the people crying about the video must be stupid are something just j use your brain i know how to fix phones i just followed the the instructions in the video it was so dam easy. people it's not that hard if you can't follow instructions or if you think you will mess it up then take the phone to professional to do the repairs don't mess it up if don't know what your doing you could mess up the logic board and it more to fix i have seen people doing this

  9. My front facing camera wasn’t working afterwards, luckily you explained which cable it was so I opened it back up and got it working right away, thank you so much!!!

  10. the only problem im having is that some of the screws aren’t unscrewing so im stuck at the part where you unscrew the sides on the back of the screen.

  11. Worse camera angles EVER. Shooting from the BACK, can't even see where the cables are connecting. Try shooting from YOUR VIEW, why are you shooting form the other side?

  12. Here are some things I did which might help others: 1) Use a temporary piece of tape to hold the other 3 cables out of the way while you reinstall the ambient light sensor / camera / microphone assembly. 2) Wait until after you've replaced the thermal plate to even start on the camera cable assembly; otherwise it will fall out as you do the plate. There's zero reason for him to have put it in before the plate; do the home button, then return to the top assembly. 3) My four cables ended up in the wrong layering; the digitizer was not the bottom cable. You can lift up the root of the front camera cable and slip the digitizer and LCD cables below it if necessary.

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