(PRODUCT) RED iPhone XR Hands-on

Apple packed the latest tech into the new iPhone XR, and at a $749 price, it makes buying the iPhone XS Max a hard decision. Let’s take a close look at the iPhone XR and see how it differs from the XS.

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32 thoughts on “(PRODUCT) RED iPhone XR Hands-on

  1. I’ve had this exact iPhone for months now. I love it. I’ve had an iPhone since I was in my mid teens. I’m 26 now. I switched for a few months (awhile back) to a Samsung Galaxy Note 5 & I HATED IT! So I bought this iPhone & I’m so glad I made the switch back to Apple.

  2. I got this phone for Christmas and I opened it and turned it on and it was fine. I set it up and transferred the data, and it was fine. But after I updated to iOS 13.3, this black line went right down the screen. Luckily, I’m getting a replacement but it was disappointing.

  3. Im getting it and im so excited what should i do?!!!! And i choose red but people told me it would look pink which wouldn’t be a problem but i love that solid red feel

  4. i had iphone XR red. gorgeous and great batt life. however I swtiched back to iphone 8 plus after a few days. I can tell the difference from 1080p and not because I love watching movies. It doesn't feel PREMIUM. And i think battery life lasts the same as my 8 plus (well depends on how you use it but in my case my 8 plus batt lasts long) the speakers were very good though and bezels werent really a prob. I just didnt feel satisfied.. I feel like it's not worth the price. it should be around 500 dollars

  5. Checked the XR and XS side by side at the store… decided to get the XR red. the XS just doesn’t have that much of an appeal to me compare to the XR

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