red iPhone XR unboxing (dual sim edition from Hong Kong)

2018 is the very first year Apple released dual sim iPhones.

This is the Hong Kong version of the Apple iPhone XR. It has two nano sim card slots. Only the China and Hong Kong variants of the XR and XS Max have two physical sim card slots.

The other global variants are also dual sim, but their sim card tray only has one slot. The other sim is an eSIM, kind of a virtual sim your mobile provider programs into your phone. Not a physical plastic sim card with gold chips you hold in your…

8 thoughts on “red iPhone XR unboxing (dual sim edition from Hong Kong)

  1. hello, i wanted to ask is the “iphone xr dual sim” same as “dual sim hong kong” ver?


    does the “dual sim” versions come with a text on the back or without?

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