Removing The Notch From iPhone X

The iPhone X “Notch” has been a topic of much discussion. Some don’t seem to mind it while others despise it. Today, an app hit the scene claiming to rid your iPhone X of it’s notch. The “Notch remover App” is currently (surprisingly) available in the iOS app store. What do you think? If you’ve got an iPhone X has the notch been bothering you or have you gotten used to it?

iPhone X Notch Remover App -…

33 thoughts on “Removing The Notch From iPhone X

  1. I get that that app is garbage, but my question really is when you are taking photos with your camera, does the apple notch block off part of the image? As a photographer it is important when composing, to be able to see the WHOLE image.

  2. Im annoyed because now it doesn’t show my battery percentage. I know i can look at control center, but i liked being able to to just glance at the phone without having to touch it

  3. The Notch is a catastrophe. Anyone with OCD I’m sure can’t stand that disgusting design. Will keep my iPhone 8 until they figure that disaster out

  4. I like the notch on the iPhone X, but I don’t like the notch from the original iPhone to the 8+ because with the iPhone X it’s like a worksheet when you cut out all of the unnecessary blank paper without questions!

  5. I don’t like the notch but when you get rid of the notch the thicker border on that part of the phone screen looks even worse. They would need to redesign the entire phone to make my OCD not get triggered by the lack of balance 🤷‍♂️ it’s a rough life.

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