Rumor: iPhone 12/12 Pro to keep Lightning + Apple’s MacBook Touch concept

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A new rumor says the iPhone 12 will keep Lightning and won’t make the jump to USB-C. Are EarPods in the box on their way out? A new jailbreak is out and it supports iOS 13.5. Plus, Apple’s own MacBook Touch concept is revealed.

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30 thoughts on “Rumor: iPhone 12/12 Pro to keep Lightning + Apple’s MacBook Touch concept

  1. Hope they don't end up with another Butterfly Keyboard disaster, as we are still carrying this pain with us, till we change to a new Mac.

  2. I would like the EarPods to continue to be in the box… Why?… The microphone! I like to record music/singing and the sound quality of the mic is fairly decent as well as don't have a delay with a few recording apps I use. As well as… I need a backup for when my AirPods die!

  3. For the record they are good to have, and I think they have good sound for what you get, always have them as back up in my backpack, good thing had to use them for going to school cause my Bluetooth headphones had died 😞

  4. That kinda sucks about the wired ear pods., every iPhone I've ever had,I look forward to using them., no issues when jogging or when im stuck in places like the DMV without bringing my cumbersome Bluetooth headset. Apple is always nickel and dime customers

  5. I've seen a couple videos that moan about not getting USB-C on the iPhone but face it (if it does happen) it won't be for a while. There's no incentive to change. You can still get fairly fast charging through it and through wireless charging. And for all those decrying that USB-C is on the iPad Pro-Apples been positioning that as a laptop replacement, it'll be needed for high speed file transfer and for peripherals, it's not on any of their other iPads. Besides when they do retire lighting connect they'll probably change it to someone else.

  6. Instead of getting rid of the wired earphones with the 12 they should get rid of the charger, as most every person on earth has a bunch of chargers already

  7. My first device with USB-C is my Sony a7 iii camera, then my 11" iPad Pro. I'm about to upgrade from a 2013 15" MBP to a 16" MBP. It would be stupid for Apple to keep Lightning on the iPhone 12 when everything else is moving to Thunderbolt 3 / USB-C. Can we finally have a truly universal cable, at the very least for charging purposes??

  8. Android-Fanboy: I just rooted my device, flashed a different ROM on it, changed the bootloader, added a global adblocker and changed the style of several apps with an xmod. Just my avarage day

    Apple-fanboy: I just jailbroke my IPhone! Now I can change my Icons! Dear Lord, I don't know what got into me today to act like such a daredevil!

  9. raises hand I do use the EarPods that come in the box and I never have spare comes from my previous iPhone because I only upgrade every 2 or 3 years and EarPods don’t usually last that long. I think it lots of people are the same and I think you’re underestimating how many people do use the EarPods our the box when they buy a new iPhone.

  10. I still have my wired EarPods from my 6S+ with an adaptor. The set that came with my X has never been opened.

    I always keep a wired pair around as a backup.

  11. I’m all for taking the headphones out of the box. The only thing I remove from the box of every iPhone I buy is the phone itself. I hardly ever remove the USB charger and cable. Just sell me the phone and keep everything else.

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