Setting up the dual sim iPhone XR with two sim cards

I’m heading to Bali tomorrow so I put in a data roaming sim card in the second sim slot of the iPhone XR I unboxed in my previous video. (link:

I thought I’d share the process of setting it up. Since it’s my first time to use a dual sim iPhone.

The iPhone XR unit I have has two physical sim card slots. Not just one physical slot and one eSIM.

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20 thoughts on “Setting up the dual sim iPhone XR with two sim cards

  1. Wow I love the red iphone but I'll never buy an iphone because they maybe don't have a Qualcomm modem.

    If they use the intel modem its inferior to Qualcomm from what I've seen.

    No headphone jack, ugly notch, inferior audio, no Gorilla glass, inadequate rigidity, poor quality materials, lack of features, battery performance is notoriously crappy, prone to design faults and software bugs, I love the colour but hardware is too expensive with inferior components.

    I like my S8+ except for this new stupid Pie upgrade.

    Oh, never flex your iphone because it'll break the main board which will cause all manner of headaches for you.

    I'd love a S10+ but the price is stupidly high.

    Great video by the way.

  2. Thanks for the video. I want to buy a dual physical sim iPhone but I don’t live in China or HK. How can I buy one online? Please advice any sites that ship internationally

  3. You should have got Telkasim or XL in Bali. I got 40 gigs of data for 30 days for roughly $9.75 USD. XL is even cheaper I heard but TelkaSim had the best service with better coverage

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