Should You Jailbreak Your iPhone Or Root Your Android? – Newsy

Jailbreaking and rooting gadgets might seem like a harmless way to get more control of your device, but it could actually do a lot of damage.

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8 thoughts on “Should You Jailbreak Your iPhone Or Root Your Android? – Newsy

  1. The answer is a complete YES! If for nothing else, for Titanium Backup to backup your games and their data. It sucks getting a new phone and losing your 900,000 coins in a game.

  2. This is stupid because you wouldn't have to throw your phone away if you made a mistake you could just wipe it and start over. A woman would throw away her phone because they generally aren't smart enough to solve problems like a man can.

  3. I guess this applies to people who don't understandcare about what they do with their phones… Even though it's much easier to someone to mess up a normal windows computer than a rooted phone

  4. i don't know where to begin to point out the ignorance and stupidity in this video "report". do any of you even jailbreak? people don't jailbreak to get apps that were denied from the app store, it's to get tweaks; things that can customize the otherwise customizable. most of the things in cydia aren't apps, they're tweaks that change how you want your phone to function. you can change whatever you want to a certain extent. it's true that if you get a LOT of jailbreak tweaks then your iphone can be somewhat unstable but that's if you go all out, and jailbreaking is customizability to whatever extent you wish. "there's a good chance you'll really screw something up" , as far as jailbreaking goes, no it's actually pretty hard to brick you iphone nowadays, jailbreaking is safe now, if you try to run a tweak that would crash your iphone, instead it restarts the springboard in a safe mode and lets you uninstall the tweak. "once you've committed the hack", seriously? before this part in the video i thought you were just being very critical but now you've shown how downright stupid you really are, don't talk about things you don't know about, cuz you sound like a jack. and btw, as you probably didn't know this, you can un jailbreak your iphone, and altho jailbreaking voids your warranty all you have to do is restore your iphone and the apple store never knows that you have ever jailbreaked before. i respected you people before but now I know you report shit you don't know about

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