Should You Update to iOS 12 For JAILBREAK If You're On iOS 11.4.1/11.4?

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With the advent of a few new kernel exploits for iOS 12, I decided my old “Should You Update to iOS 12 For JAILBREAK If You’re On iOS 11.4.1/11.4?” video I made on August is no longer on point and needs some rectification. While most of the points I made in the old video still stand up, the situation has shifted a bit…

31 thoughts on “Should You Update to iOS 12 For JAILBREAK If You're On iOS 11.4.1/11.4?

  1. One would say why 5 minutes for "yay" or "nay". It's not that simple. Both iOS 11.4.x and 12 have their shortcomings and just because kernel exploits exist doesn't mean Apple can't screw you in post-exploitation. The answer is complicated. I felt the need to update my video from back in August because some things, as it was expected, have changed.

  2. iPhone 7,2 is an iPhone 6. One question .Why are you writing iOS 11.4.X when we only have one iOS 11.4.X version ? Wich is iOS 11.4.1 and no more version of 11.4.X.

  3. I’m on ios 11.1 (jailbroken), but i never use it because electra eventually freezes and my power button isn’t working so i can’t risk to have my phone freezing and not being able to hard reset. Should i update to ios 12?

  4. My iPad is on 11.4.1 but people are saying jailbreak will be released only for iOS 12 so I'm gonna update it now. My phone is already on 12 but I'm not gonna jailbreak it.

  5. Just wondering why developers who create those jailbreaks and exploits why do they tell how the exploit work, wouldn't that make it very easy for Apple to patch it in a next version. They could simply create the binary with the exploit without telling anyone how it works. Is it a legal issues? I know Apple can try to disassemble the binary but it would make it harder for them

  6. Scene with ios 11.4 is similar to that was with ios 10.3.1 when was stuck on there but no stability jb was released they all focused on ios11 & i missed my chance so I would say quit ios 11.4 asap

  7. Is it possible or is there a way to go back to iOS 10? I prefer iOS 10 since it’s a faster software with less features compared to iOS 11. IOS 11 drains my battery so quick. And am on iOS 11.4 which have performance/battery issues :/

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