SONGBOOK APP for iPad, IPhone, PC, Surface, Mac – review and demo

If you are a musician you need this app. I have tried so many other Song book apps and this is by far the easiest to use and the most reliable for backup and restoring your songs. Support for this app is great. They won’t leave you hanging like so many other apps do.
I’ve used this on iPad, iPhone, iMac, PC, Surface Pro, Fire Kindle. Works everywhere you do.

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43 thoughts on “SONGBOOK APP for iPad, IPhone, PC, Surface, Mac – review and demo

  1. I've been using Songbook for years and absolutely love it. I also have Onsong for some of the projects I'm involved with where other players use it. One thing I would love to be able to do is utilize Songbook to send MIDI commands to my guitar equipment to change all my patch settings. I know Onsong has this feature, but I'm not sure how to do it in Songbook. Can anybody offer any help?

  2. Deb: Just read your excellent review. Was trying to use OnSong, but I can see the advantages of this. I can download the program to my Ipad, but I haven't been able to find a download site to get the program for my Windows 10 computer. Can you suggest one? Thanks!

  3. Hi Deb,
    I have hundreds of songs that I have created on my own. I start with Word documents and then convert them to PDFs. Can I import these into SongBook?

  4. Help! I have songbook installed on an old iPad…still works but worried will lose my songs if iPad dies. How do I transfer the song files to my mac??

  5. Thank you for the excellent review. I suspect my needs would be met by Songbook. Could you elaborate on the additional features in OnSong that would make it a must-have for some musicians?

  6. Thanks for this! Do you know whether you're able to record song ideas on SongBook? OnSong doesn't allow you to do this, but other apps that are lacking in other features do.

  7. Great review Deb, just past this link to my daughter who I can share my files. I have android devices. I've been using it for a year now and love it. So easy to edit on computer and than sync up dropbox.

  8. Nice review. I just purchased SongBook and I'm trying to move my library from the old Perfect Guitar Song Book, which also had a button to quickly sort by Artist. I notice SongBook does NOT have that feature. Do you use Tags or Categories to organize by artist so that if you just want to see, say, Beatles songs, you can do so quickly?

  9. Thanks for the EXCELLENT tutorial, Deb. I'm on a MAC and also bought it for the iPad. I may have missed it in your videos but … One thing that I cant figure out is: HOW TO CHANGE FONTS and make it BOLD, etc. . The default Times New Roman (?) is too hard to see. What is your process? Thank you

  10. Nice demo!
    Songbook is stable and I agree: the very best for a performing artist!
    Also it is ( as far as I know) the only song-reading-app that is multi platform! iOs, iPad, iPhone, Mac, Microsoft, Windows , Android /Samsung-Google and even Kindle !
    Andreas Linke (Berlin) as developer and help-desk is a very responsive and fast , helpfull guy!
    There is is a comprehensive instruction on his site. RTFM : Read The F****ing Manual!
    The best app I use for many years now, could be your reason for buying a tablet or so!
    Greetings, Ron Hommes, Netherlands.

  11. Hello and thank you for the demo. I have used Guitar Tapp and Songbook Pro but want something I can use with Mac OS X10.7 and also on my android tablet/phone. I know I am one of those weird mac and android users expense comes into play. Can I edit on Mac and export to android or will it all be through dropbox? Thanks for your help.

  12. Great review – It's worth pointing out the ability to use a Dropbox folder to share with your devices and with others. It makes collaboration easy!!! Agree 100% with the support. They are incredibly responsive with questions, bugs and recommendations.

  13. Hi Deb,
    I started on SongBook with high hopes. I even bought a new iPad but no luck. I follow your video right up where I am in iTunes (iPad connected)
    I click on my iPad in iTunes and you say to click on APP in the left column. This must be a new version iOS 12, because there is no APP in the left column , however it opens an APPS window with some file sharing devices including SongBook, but no DropBox. I can get songs into DropBox but it does not sync with SongBook so I cannot use Songbook. Is there a way I can put DropBox into the apps window or has Apple done it to me yet again? Dave Hill

  14. Hello, it would seem songbook chord pro would possibly be a good choice for lyric with chord notation files. My question is after you have either downloaded drop boxed or made a file. Can your use the app and read your files with out being connected to the internet. I have found the ultimate guitar tabs app is virtually worthless live because it needs a great wifi internet connection at the venue for it to operate. Hoping that is not the case with songbook. Thank you in advance for any feed back.

  15. Hi There. I appreciated your video. Do you know if there is a tutorial for Songbook OSX? I first purchased the Songbook Chordpro app for my iPad and find it very easy and intuitive to navigate. The OSX version I bought to use on my Macbook Pro cost twice as much ($30) and it is very difficult to understand and navigate. At this point I'm wishing I didn't buy it. Thanks!

  16. A very complete explanation of this amazing app. I was wondering why you choose to use iTunes for songbook? I've always opened the Dropbox folder that is Synced to songbook and just drag and drop from my PC. A lot of my musician friends that use the same app will send me a Share /Edit request from their Dropbox/Songbook folder and I can quickly just drop my changes and Playlist into their folders on my PC and it updates all of their songs and or Playlist. I find it to be quick and super easy.

  17. Hi Deb, I'm a solo guitarist / singer just getting started. I just bought a iPad pro and what to have chords and lyrics all on the iPad mounted to mic stand. Would you still recommend Songbook as the best software for this ? Also, where would you recommend getting the lyrics/chords from ? Have you tried the Ultimate Guitar App ? Thanks so much, Mark

  18. In order to edit files on your computer, do you need to have songbook on both your computer and iPad?  Do you need to buy both the osx app and the iPad app?

  19. Hi! Can anybody help me with SongBook! I have uploaded my music mp3's and lyrics .txt to songbook. I inserted the {musicpath: Purplerain.mp3} and {Purplerain.txt} into the song and pressed the play button and I hear nothing… What am I doing wrong. I watched Deb's video and read to the procedures in Linksoft and still can't see the lyrics scroll at the same time with the music. Please Help! Oh, by the way I'm using IOS ipad.

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