Splice App – Overview & Tutorial – iPhone Video Editor 2019 Update

Splice is an iPhone video editing app with a lot of functionality that is also very user friendly.
In this video I give a brief overview of the app as well as teach you how to make a project using the app.

This app has everything needed to allow you to make videos for youtube completely from your phone.

Isolating Audio From Video –
How to select specific audio portions and trim audio/video –

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42 thoughts on “Splice App – Overview & Tutorial – iPhone Video Editor 2019 Update

  1. My first ever question for a YouTuber. My previous editor crashed and deleted my videos in progress and I’m desperate for immediate video editing. I’m a teacher doing video lessons for all my students and I have several videos that need to be posted TODAY. (Gulp). I doubt I’ll be lucky enough for you to see this anytime soon, but in the off-chance, it happens, I’ll ask. Is there a way to freeze the frame? I need to be able to stop my videos throughout to focus on specific details.

  2. Hey mate, I'm tryna upload a vid to splice from my cam role, but it comes up saying "Error try again". So I thought it might be the vid format, bcause the vid on my cam role was shot on my old i5 ph which i filed on my laptop a few years ago. I now have an i6, which i moved the vid from my laptop to my i6. Ok. So then i tried to find the vid data to see what the format was but couldnt find it. Any help would be massive. Thanks. Ps i love using splice 👍

  3. I just found out about this app but for me when I try to continue and make my video there is a pop up saying I need to pay to continue? Is that normal?

  4. Having a serious issue with music sound. I cut/split the music and then try to lower the volume so you can hear person speaking in my video but there’s a bug where the sound of music jumps up and and won’t lower or fade

  5. So I just finished editing a video and as I’m about to save it requires me to subscribe 😒😒😒 is this how it works like there’s no free version without a limit 😒

  6. Thanks – great tutorial.
    The video + music that I play back on the app is not quite the same as the one that gets saved, in terms of timing for the end and the music. Any ideas..?

  7. Been exporting same video many times and I am not seeing it in my camera roll or google photos anywhere! I have done a video prior with no problem. Can you advise here?

  8. This app is trash, the crop isn’t a true crop I can’t cut the top and bottom of videos like you normally could on a photo on your standard phone editor. Smh

  9. Hi~thanks for your video! How to add blank space to the end? I know the blank space at the beginning but am not sure about the end.

  10. Thanks for this video. I was about to delete app. It’s $2.99 a week. Does that sound right? Also, can you show a video that you did adding music and animation. I working on a YouTube page.

  11. is it even possible to add layers because I want to make gaming vids with it and I want to know how to add mini clips
    (pls email to then becuz I'm not allowed)

  12. How do you resize the Text Box in Splice? I can’t seem to discover the proper method of which you can access the “Resize Text Box” option.
    (Forgive me for my ignorance if he mentions it in the Vid, I haven’t viewed it just yet.)

    Darn, I thought you would cover it. Welp, I’ll be on my travels through the internet. Extremely detailed video, by the way, I’m sure it aided many more people than me.

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