Switching From Android to Iphone XS Max (Not an Easy Task)

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Iphone XS Max:
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So I’ve owned the iphone XS Max for about a week now and I have found many challenges when switching from android to iphone. The android system compared to the ios system is so much different…

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  1. I’ve been an android user for about 12 years, and I finally decided to see what all the hype was about and try apple. BIG MISTAKE!!! It’s so boring and backwards. Can’t wait to get back to my android….

  2. I know this video is older so you probably won’t even read or care about this comment but almost every single “hate” you had about it can be changed in a single setting 1 time click no worries except the head phone thing also it’s funny cause that phone can be charged wirelessly so there would be no need to have it plugged in to charge and use your head phones at the same time if you just let it charge on the pad and listen to your headphones at the same time problem solved but to each their own and there are many people that just like what they like end of story.

  3. This guy misses the point of most of the things he “hates” about the iPhone and iOS.

    Complains about Face ID as security? What the hell are you talking about man? Just seems like he didn’t truly take the time to adjust.

  4. I'm thinking about upgrading my Galacy s8+ to another Android phone. What I am looking for the most is a phone that's under $100-$500. As far as specs, a screen that isn't over 6 inches & 2 to 3 cameras on the back. Any suggestions on which Android phone would be a great choice for me?

  5. went from samsung to iphone 8 + , its a huge difference and i kinda miss my old phone- to anyone who wants to switch to an iphone just know its a huge difference but is more modern

  6. i still dont get why iphones haven't implemented a smarter keypad dial, on android you press numbers and it suggests names based on the keys you pressed, its so frustrating, may have to change back to android because of this.

  7. I tried the XR earlier this year. I gave it 3 months. The experience was painful. Apple needs some major improvements. iPhone is for patient people. I'm not patient.

  8. thank you for making this video, I was seriously considering moving from Android to Apple even though I hate their iOS. I always stick to Android because of the freedom it gives me. I always hated that apple is not compatible with anything else thats not apple branded and if you transfer files from one device to another non apple device, they make it really hard. I was only considering Apple because of their camera picture quality and the fact that their battery lasts longer usually. But I was betting myself for it.

  9. Thanks for the tip. I was thinking of buying iPhone 11 pro max because of better pictures and videos, but the points you mentioned makes that not worth it

  10. Had the same issue with my work xs. Terrible wifi and cellular signal compared to my oneplus 6t. Strange. Anyone know why? I thought the phone was just faulty.

  11. I have the note 9 and iPhone 11 pro max and iOS is smooth but there’s a lot of things note 9 does flawlessly and iPhone is like weird maybe I’m still getting used to it

  12. I had the iPhone 6 2 years ago it wasn't for me. I love that Android let's you download music straight from YouTube. You can't do that on an iPhone. I'm happy with my Android.

  13. Check in your sitting you can download from data mobile if you active it they just do this from peaple who they buy the phone new and they dont have free data limit like you what i notic from your issue alote of them it’s fixable if you seach in sitting its not real issue its just getting use on new software 😁

  14. im a galaxy s9 user probably for about a year now, but I was an apple in the past and disliked them. I am recently having problems with my galaxy s9 and was thinking what if i switched back to apple, this video reminded me on why i switched to galaxy in the first place. thanks for the reminder.

  15. I'm a die hard Android user, but now that iPhone 11 Pro Max got released with the best battery and processor I'm thinking of switching. I mean come on, iOS is well optimised than android and we all know that. If I want to game, I could just buy a ROG phone 2 which is super cheap when compared to it's competitors. Apple is best preferred because of their "Ecosystem" and I think I want to be a part of that.

  16. For god's sake, It's iPhone "TEN" S Max…. Not "X" S Max….
    Apple tried to make u guys understand that "TEN' S Max is the real name by naming their latest phone iPhone "11" ….So pls stop calling it "X" S Max…plssss
    U guys r making fool of yourselves 😂

  17. Idk about but I didn’t half to do all that shit to download a app you probably didn’t know what you was doing bro js 🤷🏾‍♂️ iPhones are so easy to use I been an Android user for so long once I got my iPhone it was so simple and easy to learn

  18. Only iPhone I don’t like is the iPhone 11 I been a iPhone user for 2 till 3years I can’t see myself going back to android umm 🤔 yea android sucks in my opinion

  19. Why don't people get the point of not having a headphone jack? The goal is a completely enclosed phone. Why completely enclosed? Structural rigidity, water/dust proofing, wear & tear and portability.

  20. I have over 706mbps , and whenever I go get my iPad or any apple device, it takes so long just to get the wifi to work smoothly, on my android I never have to wait

  21. Android is excess. There are many features that aren’t even important. I don’t need to check my emails from the home screen or send a tweet from the messages app. If I want to turn on my WiFi, I’ll go to the settings. I don’t need to swipe down. Android is very susceptible to viruses and needs many 3rd party apps. Apple might take ideas from other companies but at least it refines them.

    Apple is simple beauty. Android is a complicated dumpster fire.

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