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NEW Exclusive iPhone 13 Pro Leaks! Design, Matte Black, New Notch

March 31, 2021

Massive iPhone 13 Pro Leaks Update! New lens design, matte black color, bronze/copper color, new anti-fingerprint coating, tiny notch, bigger batteries, NO portless models, 1TB storage, smaller logic boards & so much more! Phone Rebel Gen-2 Cases: (Rebel will restock in 2-3 weeks, Crystal for 12 Pro Max almost sold out) Max Weinbach (Leak Source) […]

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2021 iPhone 13

March 21, 2021

iPhone 13 Leaks! This year, 2021, is going to be a big one for Apple! Reports and rumors are already swirling around iPhone 13 with a potential foldable display, Apple AR Glasses, redesigned Macs, and much more. Let’s break down what’s coming to Apple this year. -VIDEOS FEATURED- Introducing iPhone 12 Flip — Apple Introducing […]

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