apple airtags

How To Set Up And Use Apple AirTags

May 24, 2021

David and David show you how to set up and use AirTags on your iPhone. These steps also work for iPad and iPod! AirTags are Apple’s new tracking devices that allow you find and recover your items in the Find My app.  Purchase an AirTag: ❗️ Major AirTags design flaw: 📲 What to do […]

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2021 iPhone 13

March 21, 2021

iPhone 13 Leaks! This year, 2021, is going to be a big one for Apple! Reports and rumors are already swirling around iPhone 13 with a potential foldable display, Apple AR Glasses, redesigned Macs, and much more. Let’s break down what’s coming to Apple this year. -VIDEOS FEATURED- Introducing iPhone 12 Flip — Apple Introducing […]

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