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How To CUSTOMIZE Your iOS 14 iPhone (by app color!) | Widgets, Color Organizing, & More!

September 4, 2021

Hey, hey my Girl Gang! Today, I am bringing you my new iPhone Home Screen customized after updating it to iOS 14! I had no clue that an iPhone background could be so cute & easy to make! I hope that you enjoy this iOS 14 iPhone Customizing by App Color using Widgets, Rainbow Organizing […]

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iDevice Hacks for YOUR iPhone & iPad #01- Shazam #shorts

May 2, 2021

Today I’ll show you a much easier way to recognize music with your iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch (on iOS 14). I hope you like my new format in which I show you hacks for your iDevice 🙂 #shorts #iPhone #iPad #iOS14 #iphonehacks

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iOS 14 – theme* your iPhone!

April 4, 2021

Use the Shortcuts app to customize icons on your iPhone. Ayeris – → SUBSCRIBE FOR MORE VIDEOS: DETAILED VIDEO SYNOPSIS: —————————————————- iOS 14 Aesthetics! In this video I show you how to “theme” iOS 14 by creating custom icons using the *Shortcuts app. This tutorial uses Ayeris, a jailbreak theme that’s been ported to non-jailbreak […]

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5 Game-Changing iPhone Hacks for 2021 | Mashable

March 22, 2021

Wait, you can use Face ID with a face mask? Here are all the simple tips and tricks you never knew you needed. Mashable is your source for the latest in tech, culture, and entertainment.   Subscribe to Mashable:  Watch more episodes of Technologic: Follow us: Check out Facebook: Twitter: Instagram:  #iPhone #Hacks #Apple

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