Rene Ritchie

Wrong About iPhone 13

September 9, 2021

Should you upgrade to the iPhone 13? ☎️ SAVE on cell with and get a $25 service credit! 📱 iPhone 13: For the next few weeks, the vast, vast majority of iPhone 13 buying advice will be strangely fixated on whether or not it’s a compelling upgrade from… the iPhone 12. And spoiler alert — […]

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iPhone 13 Event Preview (September 2021)

August 29, 2021

🔥 NO ADS + bonus content! CuriosityStream & Nebula for less than $15 a YEAR! 🖥 New Apple Products for 2021: Every year, on the year, for almost a decade, Apple’s September event meant new fresh iPhones. Except, of course, for last year which, thanks 2020, was all… Apple Watch and iPad. So what does […]

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iPhone 13 Pro Leaks Are Pure Upgrade FIRE!

August 20, 2021

🍳 Go to and use promo code RENE for 15% off your first order! 120Hz refresh rate. Always-on. Smaller notch. A15 chipset. X60 modem. Wi-Fi 6E. Bigger batteries. Bigger cameras. Better cameras. Better video. Mini, non-mini, Pro, Pro Max. Maybe 1TB. Maybe even Touch ID. It’s the iPhone 13… or iPhone 12s and it’s as […]

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NEW iPhone 13 Leaks Will Melt Your Eyeballs!

August 14, 2021

🍳 Go to, and use promo code RENE for 15% off your first order! Buttery Bokeh Portrait Mode for video. Higher quality ProRes formats. New, context-aware filters. And that’s in addition to better 5G, smaller notches, adaptive 120hz refresh rates, next-generation A15 silicon, and all the other leaks already swirling around the iPhone 13, […]

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Why Apple Keeps iOS Names a Secret

July 19, 2021

📲 SAVE with Ting Mobile and get a $25 service credit! The original iPhone project was code-named Purple. Purple Experience Project, or PEP if you want to get fancy. The iPhone hardware had its own codenames. The typical, boring letters and numbers of all Apple hardware codenames. M68 for the original. N82 for the 3G. […]

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