Scan document in iPhone

How To Scan Documents On iPhone With The Notes App

August 26, 2021

With the increase in the use of digital documents we constantly need to scan documents. Our phones are our best bet to rescue us when such need occurs. As many rely on applications to scan documents, the iPhone has its inbuilt feature to help you with the task. The iPhone has always been known to […]

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How to Scan Documents and Create PDFs with iPhone

April 30, 2021

ScannerMan is a portable mobile phone scanner that can help you scan documents, contracts, receipts, business cards, paper documents, etc., and easily convert them to PDF or images. Download link: ScannerMan Twitter Facebook Thank For Watching…! Please Like & Share…!

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How to scan a document and make PDF in iPhone or iPad

March 22, 2021

A quick guide on how to scan documents using iPhone or iPad running iOS 13 or higher. I used iPhone 11 for this demo,

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