Dropping Samsung Galaxy S20 vs iPhone 11 Pro Down Spiral Staircase – 200 Feet – Will It Survive?

July 21, 2021

I put both the Samsung Galaxy S20 and iPhone 11 Pro in a hard shell case and dropped them from 20 stories up! Which smartphone took the better fall? FACEBOOK: TWITTER: INSTAGRAM:

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Dropping iPhone 11 Pro vs Note 10 vs Huawei Mate 30 Down Spiral Staircase Deep Hole – What Happens?

June 8, 2021

I found another crazy spiral staircase and decided to drop 3 of the latest smartphones in there! FACEBOOK: TWITTER: …

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Dropping an iPhone XS Down Crazy Spiral Staircase 300 Feet – Will It Survive?

May 11, 2021

We found this crazy spiral staircase and dropped an iPhone XS to see if it survives! The drop was from approx. 30 stories high. FACEBOOK: TWITTER: INSTAGRAM:

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Dropping Samsung Galaxy Fold vs iPhone 11 Pro Max vs Nokia 3310 Down Spiral Staircase – 20 Stories

November 12, 2020

I dropped the most iconic smartphones of 2019 to see which one holds up the best in this durability drop test! FACEBOOK: TWITTER: INSTAGRAM:

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