Testing the Lie Detector iPhone App! (Mystery Gaming)

Gabriella tests the lie detector app for iPhone as her bother questions her!
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43 thoughts on “Testing the Lie Detector iPhone App! (Mystery Gaming)

  1. One time me and my mom were going to the grocery store and I felt really sick so we were going to pick up some turkey and I threw up in front of people it was so embarrassing oh my gosh and The Jacka and one of the employees came to help me your mom passed our grocery shopping we were at home I I don't know what to say I feel bad for you Gabriella people have same things in common.

  2. They should do a lie dectetor test part 2 but with a twist
    Each person gets 10 questions to ask the other person
    If you lie you have to drink a nasty drink or you have to reaveal a secret or you have to do a dare
    If you tell the truth then you get a point
    Who ever has the most points or truths wins and gets a money

  3. How much is a penny how much is a quarter how much is a nickel how much is a dime how much is a dollar how much is a half dollar how much is the $1000 bill

  4. we're so similer!
    1.we both gasp and laugh for little things [in a good way]
    2.we are both pretty[everyone is actually]
    3.we both have amazing things and people around us

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