The 2020 iPhone will bring BIG changes

New screen sizes and the other big design changes rumored to be coming to next year’s iPhone and the new details about iOS 13 and WatchOS 6 in the developer’s betas.

Let us know what feature you’re most excited to try out in iOS 13, iPadOS, WatchOS 6 or MacOS Catalina in the comments below.

Here’s how to install the iOS 13 developer’s beta:

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50 thoughts on “The 2020 iPhone will bring BIG changes

  1. If theres no notch maybe ill purchase my first apple phone ive been saving money for a new phone this year to replace my very old phone

  2. The iPhone 2020 will not change externally, just the hardware and 6 camera lenses. According to rumors, no changes to the design until 2022. Price is more expensive. The iPhone breaks the upper limit for the model with 64 GB starting from 1650 $.

  3. Personally I don’t mind the notch tbh I found it interesting with my X. That’s to say these “fixes” people do to the X look terrible to me IMO to stress it enough

  4. I miss Brian.

    I’m still on the 6s Plus. It’s probably the best investment out there – not upgrading for as long as you can.

  5. What's the point of having a bigger iPhone. In iOS your icons get arranged at the top and the bigger the phone gets, the more unusable it becomes. iOS was designed with the Jobs' vision that phones would remain small and would be primarily used for communication.

  6. Apple phone discussions are on very simple and basic things. Apple keeps its customers so hungry for so basic features. When its era of amoled screens, 128gb basic models, dex compatible devices and much more, apple customers are stuck with deleting pre installed apps, 3d touch and video editing options. It's not about the money. It's about being fooled

  7. Let’s be honest. 2020 will not bring big changes. It will be incremental at best or features that should’ve already been on the current models.

  8. I will not be getting a new phone to get 5G. Because of where I live and the range of 5G I will not get 5G service ever (probably). Why would hey install it for only 2 or 3 houses?

  9. I wish it costs more , I am sick of everyone buying one . don't theses people know iPhone is for the rich and poor people should stick to old iPhones or Android. once again iPhone is for rich people

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