The Best Apps for Mobile Video Editing on iPhone & Android (2019)

On this episode of The Piedmont Motion Picture Show, we’re looking at the best apps for mobile video editing on iPhone and android that you can get in 2019.

There are a lot of really great options, some of them free that let you edit video quickly and easily, and there are some that cost a little more that can give you powerful editing tools to edit video on your mobile device like a pro.

whether you’re looking to edit video on your iPhone or edit video on android, there should be a good…

37 thoughts on “The Best Apps for Mobile Video Editing on iPhone & Android (2019)

  1. Have you ever edited a movie or film on your iOS or Android mobile device? If so, which app did you use and please tell us about your experience.

  2. I use kinemaster. Been 2 years. And it's very easy to use. No problem with watermark. And if need to remove it, subscription fee is very affordable. Only one cons : no speed ramping. Even in paid mode. And Adobe rush just way too much expensive here.
    Checking other app that support speed ramping with moderate price.

  3. When it was more active, the content on my Youtube Channel was mostly created on the Powerdirector app. I ended up getting really resourceful, figuring out how to simulate keyframing and most any effect that I needed in a given situation. Mobile editing is incredibly convenient, but not for the kind of stuff that I was doing. I just wanted to see if I could do it.

  4. Nice vid! Very informative and to the point! We have Adobe subscription so using premiere pro on PC. Looking to put out an extra video each week so going to try doing it on my android phone in a simpler style. Maybe use the adobe rush app or power director. Will try them both. Thanks so much!🔥🤘❤

  5. Thanks for the thorough list of options available for mobile video editing. I use LumaFusion for the most part and I’d agree it is the best editing option in iOS. I use Quick when I need to put something together quickly. One app that is not in your list but I’d recommend trying is Videoshop. It is easy to use and has some nice title features.

  6. Great video!! I use iMovie on my phone and was looking to get to the next step in video editing. I’ve been wanting to use different fonts and transitions in my videos and IMovie is good,but really basic. I’m going to check these out. Thanks🤘

  7. Great vid!
    For around 5 years I’ve been using filmic pro along with pinnacle pro studio for capture and editing, with an ipad mini. It’s a first gen mini, so there are lots of limitations, but even with that as well as low available memory, filmic and pinnacle studio have both allowed me to get by nicely.
    I’ve used splice some lately, it’s also a great app.
    The upgrades for filmic have far outstripped my old ipad at this point, it’s soon time for an upgrade.
    My next app purchase will be luma fusion, for sure, same folks who created pinnacle pro I found out.

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