The Best Podcast Apps on iPhone

It’s time to upgrade from the Apple Podcasts app. Here are the apps you should be using instead.
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21 thoughts on “The Best Podcast Apps on iPhone

  1. Based on this, I just subscribed to Pocket Casts for a year. My iPhone podcasts crashed AGAIN. Every time I open iPhone Podcasts I click on an episode and the app crashes. I am sick of endless Apple fixes that often don't work for a lot more than just Podcasts. I am a Podcast ADDICT and literally cannot live without them. And I like Pocket Casts cloud function to take a lot of my storage off the phone. Thanks!!

  2. Anyone know of the best app for sleep feature? The apple has 1 hour or when pod cast ends and you cant put multiple podcasts and have it sleep. I want to cue up 3-4 podcasts and then have it stop playing. Example if I want to play Adam Corolla he splits his podcasts in 2 parts , i want to play 2 separate ones and stop, apple allows sleep just after one, if I put both in cue it keeps playing. Thank you if you know how.

  3. Does anyone know how I change my name on Podcast Player App? (The purple symbol one) I changed my name on Google and my picture. It changed the pic but not username.

  4. doesn't overcast have a yearly subscription option? i've been using it for years (back when it was the only podcast app to download podcasts to apple watch) and i paid the premium upgrade. not because i needed the features but i thought the developer deserved some cash = because of that i don't need to pay the new subscription charge

  5. You forgot one key criteria for your testing; Synchronisation across platforms. People don't always consumes podcasts on one device. Depending on where I am and what I'm doing, I'll be listening on my; phone, iPad, Apple Watch, Apple TV, and mac. Apples' Podcast app is the only one available on all these devices and that keeps all my podcasts in sync, all the time.

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