The iPhone FaceTime Bug is Not a Big Deal

There is a critical bug in iOS 12 on the iPhone or macOS allowing users to listen in on other devices without the other person knowing. There’s no denying it’s a big deal, but I think it’s being overblown. Did you turn off FaceTime on your iPhone or Mac?

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26 thoughts on “The iPhone FaceTime Bug is Not a Big Deal

  1. I don’t think it’s that bad. Although, I do use Group FaceTime with my kids. That’s how I connect with them being a divorced dad. So that’s a bummer. But we shall survive. ; )

  2. It's not so much as a bug, but more of a back door All smartphone manufactures that build in all their smartphones to allow CIA, NSA, CSIS to allow intelligence agencies to be able to listen to you from your mic and watch you through your front or back cameras any time they want. This little bug with FaceTime was a booboo by Apple and now got caught about their backdoors they allow for intelligence agencies to spy on people. This isn't so much as a bug, but Apple just don't want people to know about the backdoors and this little bug opened up the truth.

  3. The way they burned other company for not caring about privacy and then taking 2 weeks to even respond is just bad. Apple should be blamed and I do not agree on your opinion but we'll to each there own.

  4. I’m surprised Apple didn’t say that this is the way it’s made from the factory and just something that happens…

    Good points in the video… While the issue has been squashed and will be patched soon, it’s the weight of the consumers being vulnerable and exposed that really puts this at such a critical threat.

  5. People should be over blowing this imo (not because it is apple). The iPhone is used by many people including the president of the United States for a software bug this horrible and this easy to reproduce, everyone who cares about their conversations remaining private should disable facetime until further actions are taken by apple.

  6. Hey Robert. I feel the video was a bit clickbaity here. Honestly it makes me question further input from the channel (and from the ex-TechnoBuffalo team). Jon was clear when he said the channel would not be necessarily pro-apple, and just around Apple news, but this points to something else. Apple reacted to the situation appropriately, yes. But the reach of their platform and the target population makes something like this a very serious privacy issue! If it happened to Facebook it would also be a big deal for similar reasons (except Facebook screwed up so much, we're becoming jaded to it!)
    People have reported repeated calls from unknown numbers too, it's not like you can always know the person who did it!

  7. Very good video with well thought out points. The media loves to jump on the hype train to get clicks, but even though it is a major bug, it’s really not worth everyone losing their minds over it.

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