The iPhone now has a built-in document scanner

If you don’t have a scanner at home, it can be annoying to try and find a way to send documents to other people. Luckily, Apple has silently introduced a new document scanning feature that’s buried inside the iPhone Notes app. You can even turn them into PDFs and share them. Here’s how to use this new feature.
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35 thoughts on “The iPhone now has a built-in document scanner

  1. Goodbye large scanners lol that’s a joke! I scan about 100 sheets of paper every night front and back side. Takes 2 mins with large scanner. Would take hours with the iPhone

  2. Omgggggg i was crying to send my papers over to the texas board but i did not know how to scan and email i swear U R A LIFEEEEE SAVERRRRR so much respect and love for uuuu

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