Top 10 MUST HAVE iPhone Apps – 2020

Top 10 MUST HAVE iPhone apps 2020. 10 best and very useful iOS apps that you should have on your iPhone in 2020.

10 must download iPhone apps of 2020 that everyone should have and use on their device.All these apps can be downloaded for free from the App Store. LINKS in the comments.

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40 thoughts on “Top 10 MUST HAVE iPhone Apps – 2020

  1. The apps links are here, but so is my INSTAGRAM account link.
    It would be awesome if you would FOLLOW me:

    👉👉Geekbench 5 was released as a free app but it turns out they have made it a paid app now ( My bad I didn't know that). It costs 0.99$ now.

    👉👉Air Finder Was totally free when making this video but now you have to pay for a subscription even thou you still can use it for free with limited features.

    1. ClusterCards 2:
    2. MuseCam:
    3. Conversion Calculator Plus:
    4. Text Scanner:
    5. Air Finder:
    6. Wallpy:
    7. Speechify:
    8. Math Solver:
    9. Fonts For iPhone + :
    10. Geekbench 5:

  2. Yeah I’m a little confused. Air finder isn’t free, it’s $2.99 a week. Geek Bench 5 costs $0.99 to even download it. Muse cam isn’t free. Isn’t free a premise to your video? I mean I don’t care if they cost but it’s frustrating when you’re saying it’s free and I go to the trouble of downloading it and find out otherwise

  3. Thanks for sharing the cool apps.
    If you are looking for any photo and video vault app, check the Ultra Lock app in the App Store. Unlike the other vault apps, it has a lot of other cool lock options, Unlocks logs and unlock time notifications etc.

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