Top 10 Reasons To Jailbreak & Reasons NOT To Jailbreak! (Should You Jailbreak?)

Should you jailbreak your device?
Can you jailbreak your device? (Jailbreak Status):
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1. Eclipse X
2. Filza
3. Safari Plus
4. Prediction Shortcuts
5. Clean Home Screen
6. Passcode Text
7. YouRespring
8. Pull to respring

32 thoughts on “Top 10 Reasons To Jailbreak & Reasons NOT To Jailbreak! (Should You Jailbreak?)

  1. That jailbreak looks clean af. One thing that I miss with Android, is rooting and customizing my phone like some McDonald's; having it my way 🤪 Seriously though I really enjoyed your informative video, top notch illustration over a lot of YouTube videos. I will have owned my iPhone 11 pro max, for 2 weeks this next coming Monday, I have only owned Android since 2010. I really wanted to get on the iPhone after I purchased a iPad pro. This iPhone is smooth, but some of the things that I miss from Android, really should make it in iOS. The biggest thing that iOS should bring are customizations to the overlay with custom themes.

  2. And I hope on iOS 14 or iPadOS 14 that Apple puts in an automated detector software that u cant disable and it goes through the file that your about to install so it may take time but they made it way faster so it would be fast then if it detects spyware or malware then it automatically deletes the file and encrypts the file from using or viewing it and also this is with webs too so if the detector detects malware or spyware applications then it automatically deletes the website tab and yeah your secured! (This may be hard and take a long time for Apple to develop this software though) so Apple if your reading this please try to develop this software so that we can all be secured from hackers!

  3. Same iOS 9.3.5 iPad (2gen) (Phoenix) was mah fav but I got a new iPad instead it’s called the iPad (6th generation) (iPadOS 13.4.1) (gold) (WiFi)
    And that was my first futuristic device in life and I was so happy but haven’t jailbroken it yet

  4. While seeing reasons to jailbreak, my heart felt soo heavy and was thinking " this guy is going against nature , he is a sinner , Almost reminded me of Pharaoh 😂

  5. i love my iPhone 7 on iOS 13.3 with the unc0ver jailbreak but one thing i hate is my iPhone always reboot it self when i am using it but none other than that jailbreaking is Still cool because of all the cool thing you can do with it on your iPhone

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