Top 20 BEST iPhone & iPad Apps 2021

Here’s a compilation of best apps for your iPhone and iPads for 2021. Do share your recommendations in the comment section down below 🙂

Apps in this video :
Zorro VPN :
Moloko :
Friendspire :
SolarWatch :
Frame Grabber :…

19 thoughts on “Top 20 BEST iPhone & iPad Apps 2021

  1. 0:27 tips buat yang nyari duit untung untungan, coba main di
    >> aja, banyak permainan lengka, promo promo menarik, dan banyak banget bonus dan kesempatan menangnya

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  3. The background music was so out of sync and u shouldn’t use lyrical songs for videos
    And it felt like there wer 2 songs playing at once
    Basically background audio was completely fucked

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