Unlock ANY Jailbroken iPhone On iOS 5 Using SAM

READ!: This doesn’t work anymore since Apple has patched their servers.

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1: Open Cydia and add the repository repo.binger.com. Then search for Sam Binger’s SAM (Subscriber Artificual Module) package and install it.

2: Touch on SAMPrefs icon

3: Navigate to Utilities. Select De-Activate…

30 thoughts on “Unlock ANY Jailbroken iPhone On iOS 5 Using SAM

  1. So I did everything you said, but when I go to attempt activation it says: Activation reports error: Activationinfo rejected. You must select the original carrier SIMID of your phone. And my phone is locked to Sprint USA but I wanna unlock it to Norwegian simcard. Can someone help me?

  2. Unfortunately it won't but I would suggest either going to a verizon store to see if they can unlock the device for you and if not I'd ask T-Mobile if they'd be able to unlock it.

  3. hi will this work with verizon with just an iphone4. i dont have the original sim card i just want to switch to tmoble thanks you have a great channel. i appreciate the time thanks again

  4. I would call your provider and ask them if they can unlock your device for you. I've heard if you are polite they will really consider unlocking it for you even if you are still on contract.

  5. You can't unlock your 4S currently. The dev team is currently working on the unlock though so hopefully it will be available soon. If you are relying on an unlock I wouldn't update your device to iOS 6 when it comes available in the next couple weeks. That way you keep the same baseband.

  6. hi ive just tried this on my 4s currently on orange and i want to unlock to vodaphone 5.1.1 an baseband 2.0.12,and it didnt work for me,any ideas what i can do thanks

  7. Hi thank you for posting your video…was wondering if you can please further help me….I am trying to carrier unlock an iphone from telus to bell, and after following your steps…my iphone says "wildcard activated" however, when I insert my bell sim card into the iphone it says I have no service and on itunes it says "The sim card inserted on this iphone does not appear to be supported…" any suggestions on how to fix this problem?

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