What Is The Best Jailbreak Tool For The 3.1.2 Firmware !

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So it’s Geohotz Blackra1n Vs iH8sn0ws Sn0wbreeze Vs Dev Teams Redsn0w. I just wanted to give you my opinion on what I think is the best and what one I recommend to you.

Blackra1n Download :

Sn0wbreeze Download :

Redsn0w Download :
Redsn0w Video :…

13 thoughts on “What Is The Best Jailbreak Tool For The 3.1.2 Firmware !

  1. @IpodFun630 sorry 'MyGreatiPhone' but that's Bull$h*t easiest way is to open up your ipod -> settings -> general -> about or the what is up of the screen -> model -> if it is MC -> then it is mc -> MB or anything else -> normal1 (sorry if it was litle hard to understand what i said, couse my ipod is not english

  2. it sux that blackra1n is not working anymore (i mean the blackra1n.exe on him webpage) it worked, but now it just gives error on when you start it that somekind of ads.dll is missing and all that shit… and redsn0w is good the jailbreak program works fine, but the cydia that redsn0w install is crappy and it don't install anything.

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