What's on my iPhone in 2020 – BEST iPhone APPS

These are some of the best apps you can download for your iPhone in 2020! Get BAND for FREE here: and check here to learn more about BAND: – This video was sponsored by BAND

Other Apps:
Sirius XM: www.siriusxm.ca/karl
Nike Training:
Night Sky:
Crossy Castle:

40 thoughts on “What's on my iPhone in 2020 – BEST iPhone APPS

  1. Here's the top Apps that I'm using in 2020 and currently on the new iPhone SE 2020. All of these apps are free to download except for Pascals Wager which is $6 – if you are ordering Uber Eats, consider a local restaurant to help keep local shops running 🙂

    Hope you are all staying safe and healthy – go burn some of that free time on some APPS!

  2. My Favorite Apps List:
    GSuite Productivity apps(Docs, Slides, Drive, Calendar, Gmail, Sheets, etc. )
    Google Maps
    iStudiez Pro
    Procreate Pocket
    YT Studio

  3. Karl can u make a video in which u connect yours iphone se in yours TV or projector and play games like pubg,call of duty and forenite with controller.
    I hope such video from u……

  4. For those of you that order from delivery apps such as Uber eats, be sure to contact your local restaurants to see if they have their own delivery service cos UberEats take as much as 30% commission for each order. Just helping out those struggling businesses out there!

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