Why are my GarageBand iOS songs so loud? (Auto normalization)

Why are my GarageBand iPad and GarageBand iPhone songs louder after exporting them on my iPad and iPhone? It is called auto normalization, and while there is no way to turn off the automatic normalize feature, there is a hack that can help.

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21 thoughts on “Why are my GarageBand iOS songs so loud? (Auto normalization)

  1. The songs on YouTube like popular songs are very loud, and compared to my songs produced in garageband, it's quieter for some reason, and tried many other ways like compressing audio or stacking up layers of merged songs to create as loud as those songs on YouTube.

  2. Hi Pete, I was thinking about the auto normalization issue today. I think I have a little hack for it. I mixed this song I was working at and had a decent volume, like 60 percent. Then I added a vocal section of 1 bar at the end, totally unrelated to the song, where I yelled really loud so I knew it was clipping. Then I exported it as a wav file. The auto normalization did its thing, but because my yelling at the end section was the loudest, the actual song wasn't normalized that much. Then I imported the song in Audio share and cut off the last bit. Now I have a song with a lot of headroom for mastering! Hope you can use this tip!

  3. Eureka! This explains a lot. I always keep everything set so low that only the 1st light of the primitive master level meter on the top bar of GB flashes on the loudest peaks. Yet I have so much trouble with high overall levels and distortion on peaky synth sounds after I transfer the song to Master Record, my mastering app. There I can lower everything by 6dB but its just not enough. I'm going to try this on my next track. Thank you Pete

  4. I couldn’t define it better, Pete! Do you have a name for your band already? A good name can be: Punky Apples 🙂
    It’s a suggestion, it’s up to you how to call it my friend. Best wishes, Emiel.

  5. I have a mythical pipedream that one day the “Apple Lossless” option will actually mean “lossless” for real, as in, you export it and the file sounds exactly like how it sounds in GarageBand.

    That’s like asking for a pet unicorn, I know, but I can dream 😂

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