Why Jailbreak an iPhone…take a look

Awesome enhancements are worth the Jailbreak.
Steps: Purplera1n, Freeze, Cydia, Backgrounder, SBSettings, iBlank, Blanknull, SpotBright, Inspell, and
modmyi theme (self-modded Windows 7 Fantasy v2)

20 thoughts on “Why Jailbreak an iPhone…take a look

  1. I love that all of the new great functionality that you've added have all been basic functionality on android for years.. Ie backround apps, icon drawers/categories, and the live widgets 🙂 Anyway, are there other themes, that one's not bad but kind of 'kiddie' I guess, I like a cool futuristic sort of look to my phone. Also, can you do live wallpapers with jailbreak?

  2. Now, half those features come with the iPhone/iPod touch… no need for jailbreaking anymore. Also, I don't like the whole background thing with the windows. I like it better normally.

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