Why the 2020 iPhone SE will be the #1 Best-Selling Phone

Apple’s 2020 iPhone SE has now been released, and I’ve got 4 reasons why it will be the #1 Best-Selling Phone of 2020!
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The 2020 iPhone SE is now out, and it’s packing an awesome combination of features, specs and price!

It starts at $399 for the 64GB storage model and $449 for the 128GB model.


26 thoughts on “Why the 2020 iPhone SE will be the #1 Best-Selling Phone

  1. In no way this will be the #1 best selling phone in the world. In the US probably. But other parts of the world have people with brains that will buy phones that are more useful and worth the price.

  2. Dumb analysis. The cheapest iPhone in 2019 was the iPhone 8 at $450 not the Xr at $600. Also iPhones have had 4k video since the original SE. Also, especially with coronavirus, the cheapest iPhone will always be the best selling iPhone. It will also be the best selling iPhone because its the cheapest iPhone regardless of features. iMessage locked people in, among other reasons. ALSO, WTF aren't 5G iPhones coming in the Fall? Why would you buy a new phone now? Just wait 6 months for the 5G iPhones. Unless perhaps a new SE now tells us there won't be an affordable 5G iPhone before 2021?

  3. I think i am a rare person because I am still using iphone 5s which is at the end line i am thinking to upgrade on iPhone se but due to Indian pricing i don't afford it also my budget is very low to purchase a modern smartphone

  4. The reason why it will sell well cuz a lot of old people don't care about getting the best or the newest tech. As long as it works as a smartphone, everything else will be irrelevant

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