Wireless Charging With The iPad Pro!

Today we are looking at how you can wirelessly charge your iPhone with the new iPad Pro.

IBIS Dual Wireless Charger:
USB-C Dongle:

Hope you guys find this useful! Enjoy! I’ll see you, in the next video 🙂
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Hope you guys find this useful! Enjoy!…

37 thoughts on “Wireless Charging With The iPad Pro!

  1. Why on earth would you go through all that trouble to wireless charge your phone from iPad?? If you can be arsed taking all that… just take a portable charger and 1 lead. Not a adapter. Lead. And then wireless pad. Pathetic video. So stupid

  2. Are u trying to fool people?? Ur not MKBHD.
    U use same wallpaper and white desk like him. And it's not similar is the same. I came here only cause u in video seems like him
    These are clickbait

  3. In the first 3 minutes the presenter said “go ahead” 8 times. That is a very high Go Ahead Per Minute (gapm) count. While I’ve seen higher gapm, a score of 2.66 is high enough to comment upon. Please help stop “Go Ahead” talkers from “Go Ahead”ing. Spread awareness of this insidious verbal tick that conveys no additional useful information to any narrative. Thank-you.

  4. Sooooo dumb. I see a bunch of cables. Point of wireless charging is in being… wireless. Rigging it with cables so you just can say the source of power is wireless is just dumb.

  5. The title is very misleading. Perhaps you could change it so that it doesn’t seem like it is about wirelessly charging an iPad Pro 11 inch.

    Also, I am confused about what the point of this video is. What you showed did not have anything to do with wirelessly charging an iPad. That’s not to say that it doesn’t have any merit.

    I can see how this video could be useful to other people if you change the title to something like: “charging an iPhone using an iPad Pro 11 inch as a battery and also how to use <insert product name here> to wirelessly charge an iPhone XR and other devices with cords.”

    I’m not sure really what you’re getting at with this video, but with a few simple changes, you could end up with a video that is clear in terms of what you are trying to say, as well as what you are trying to demonstrate.

    I know that you can do a better job explaining exactly what it is that you are trying to explain with your video. Currently it is very unclear in terms of both the title and the content within the video itself.

    So, with a title change, a new cut of the video, and a more clear and concise script and narration, it could be great video that could help a lot of people who are interested in your topic. You have all the tools that you need, including a good voice for narration. Good luck on this endeavor and future ones!

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