Zoom on your iPhone, iPad or other Mobile Tutorial

How to use the Zoom Mobile app.
Zoom works great on your mobile devices. iPhone, iPad, Android phone or tablet.
Especially if you don’t have a dedicated webcam or mic for your notebook or desktop computer.

Your iPhone or iPad makes a terrific Zoom platform.

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39 thoughts on “Zoom on your iPhone, iPad or other Mobile Tutorial

  1. My guy, this video was everything I needed. I just started hosting Virtual Family Game Nights with my family across the US & was not very well versed in using Zoom thru my iPhone. I greatly enjoyed this video and learned a lot 🙏

  2. I have a question on using the whiteboard on an iPad 10.2” with the Logitech pencil rather than the Apple Pencil 1. In using that to tutor one student or to teach a class, would I need to use a laptop or other device to be able to show a video of myself and then use the iPad for the whiteboard or can everything be done just using the iPad? For example in your video when you were showing the whiteboard you still had a small window view of yourself. Thank you.

  3. Hi..I use the iphone for all my zoom meetings since my computer does not have a built-in camera or microphone. When iphone is horizontal, the top menu part covers part of the image. I find most difficult to use the screen sharing because then I don't see the participants' hands if they are asking a question..I will try connecting through the phone and the computer desktop to at least speak into the phone and perhaps have access to writing options on the pc as you showed in the video..hope it works 🙂 Thank you for your video!

  4. As a long time Patron member I love your webinar Wednesday’s. I also would like to watch them as you talk about here on my IPad. Since your changing to Demio it doesn’t work most of the time? Is there some IPad setting I need to change so I don’t always have to sit at my computer?

  5. Great job. Your videos are always informative. I have a question. I host a lot of Toastmasters meetings. Occasionally I want to log in and use a different camera – the one on my phone – for a speech. I have tried to log in on other devices as you did in this video and ZOOM won't let me. How did you manage to log in on 3 devices at once?

  6. My iPhone 6 refuses to turn to landscape mode for hosting zoom meetings. Any tips?! I have it set up sideways 
    (landscape) on a tripod but everyone sees me sideways rather than landscape! Why won't the camera flip?! Any ideas?

  7. For you phone, specifically an iPhone, how do you change the orientation so you don’t have black bars on the side. You can hold the phone horizontally but it reads as sideways to other meeting participants

  8. Steve, I have an iPad Air 2 running ios 13.3.1 and an iPhone 7 running ios 13.4.1; I have zoom on both but neither device allows me to change the virtual backdrop. Is it that the technology of the devices does not allow it?

  9. I am a new using to ZOOM and after two uses …. i am finding that I have an automatic password placed onto any access to my meetings…. i can not seem to get this zoom initiated password off of my program/computer. i read access can not be removed until September… what is the deal with that?

  10. Steve thank you for the video on using zoom with the Ipad. However, you did not go far enough for us novice users….. regarding the ipad pro… how do you get additional items onto the desk top for screen sharing ie.. word, powerpoint.

  11. Thanks Steve, I am going to practive a Zoom meeting with Family guinea pigs before I totally embrass my self in front of my students! Now I have to find a stylus to use in experiment!

  12. I`ve heard that people accessing Zoom from their smart phones (iPhone, Android) cannot join Breakout Rooms. Is this true? If so, is there a workaround or an alternative? Thanks!

  13. I use zoom through my iPad, I have tried to mirror onto my TV to increase the viewing size, this seems to cause echoing for others joining the meeting, how do I overcome this?

  14. I sure wish Apple would provide connectivity for external cameras. The angle of the iPad Pro camera is just too goofy to use on a Zoom call. I suppose I could call into a Zoom meeting twice. Once for the iPad keyboard and monitor and a second time for a mounted iPhone camera. But then you have to deal with everyone on the call telling you that your on the call twice while wasting 15 minutes.

  15. My name in Zoom always adds (me). I do not add it. It's added by some sort of default. How do I: 1. Locate the source of the (me) graphic and/or 2. Remove it from the Zoom display?

  16. Can you host a Zoom from an iPad and use your iPhone camera without having to login your iPhone. is the broadcasting from the phone only done using a Mac SchlagePC

  17. I am participating in a zoom exercise program and I am using my ipad. I can see the instructor and some of the participates and I can hear everyone. They cannot hear or see me what am I doing wrong

  18. Thank you very clear and easy to follow instruction. I am helping some friends join our weekly Zoom get together but on their platforms. This was very helpful.

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