10 iPhone Life Hacks EVERYONE Needs to Know! | NEW iPhone 7 Plus Life Hacks + iOS 10 Features

HOW I MADE MY APPS PINK! I now have an iPhone X but here is the iPhone 7 Plus Review + 10 Iphone 7 Life hacks EVERYONE Needs to know! Also iphone 7 hacks and tips for being more productive. Also some fun new iOS 10 features that no one knows about.


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29 thoughts on “10 iPhone Life Hacks EVERYONE Needs to Know! | NEW iPhone 7 Plus Life Hacks + iOS 10 Features

  1. guys, do not do the airplane mode one

    sometimes my mom texts or calls me from upstairs and if i turn on airplane mode, it does not give me a notification or say that the call went through.

    if you DON'T want to get grounded, don't do it

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  3. That definitely made my life more better they definitely all worked I tried them you or a very good youTuber and thanks for showing us all those hacks thanks also for not just keeping them to yourself

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