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Symbolic AI, a transparent artificial intelligence

January 27, 2023

Using symbolic knowledge bases and expressive metadata to improve deep learning systems. Metadata that augments network input is increasingly being used to improve deep learning system performances, e.g. for conversational agents. Metadata are a form of formally represented background knowledge, for example a knowledge base, a knowledge graph or other structured background knowledge, that adds […]

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Restaurants: We Need To Chat Chatbots are becoming a hot topic for by Kelly Mirabella Analytics Vidhya

August 22, 2022

Everything from restaurant reservations to online meal delivery services. Restaurants and hotels can engage with website users on a one-to-one basis, allowing them to align sales and marketing activities, reduce sales friction, and connect better with customers. Chatbots make it simple to expand lead generation by being constantly “on-call” to answer queries and schedule appointments […]

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