10-year iPhone user switches to Galaxy S10+ (Ceramic Black) Reaction

So, I’ve been a hardcore apple user since the iPhone 3GS. Trust me, I would have bought an iPhone before that but – I was too young.

I fell in love with what apple was doing. Every phone at the time was almost not comparable to the iPhone. After the iPhone 3GS I got the iPhone 4 , iPhone 4S , iPhone 5 , iPhone 5s (for a month) iPhone 6 , iPhone 6 Plus , iPhone 7 Plus, iPhone X , and now up till this day, I have the iPhone XS Max.

I’m starting to question what apple is doing. Every…

20 thoughts on “10-year iPhone user switches to Galaxy S10+ (Ceramic Black) Reaction

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    Also, be sure to read the description of this video! It will help understand why I'm doing this 🙂

  2. Im sorry but your reaction to the display was pretty fake, first of all in the boot logo screen you can barely see anything plus the setup screen is nearly pure white. Atleast wait until you have set it up jeez

  3. Too make it snappier,

    Go to about phone, tap build number a couple of times. This will turn on developer mode.
    Go back to settings and tap on developer options and turn the animation speed to 0.5x.

    This will make your phone feel way faster.

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