13 tips to master iMessage on your iPhone

iMessage on the iPhone has been around since 2011. Over its near decade of existence, Apple’s messaging service has added a range of useful features that go beyond just typing in a message and sending along a link. iMessage makes group conversations easy to mute and leave, you can actually share full-size photos and videos, which isn’t possible with regular text messages, and then there’s all the stickers, effects, Animoji and Memoji. iMessage’s iconic blue and green bubbles (indicating…

39 thoughts on “13 tips to master iMessage on your iPhone

  1. I've noticed some issues. I can't markup images or PDF documents in iMessage anymore? I have to save to files first, and then go to the file and the resend instead of all on the iMessage. I also can't use an extension to open my files from iMessage to send a document but I can for one drive and google drive, drop box. The widget for files or notes isn't available.

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  3. i have a XS ios13. i would like to be able to put several names in a ‘group name’. My sister has an 8 and is able to do this but I do not see the option to Group name under Info on my messenger. Frustrating. Did they delete that function? IF not how do I go about doing it.

  4. In Germany, SMS and so the overall messages App isn’t used at all. Instead everyone uses WhatsApp that’s obviously way worse because Android is used more often. And the worst thing is that WhatsApp rapes the Picture quality and messages doesn’t! (But I miss quoting in messages)

  5. You can use an old Mac mini to forward iMessage to Android devices and everyone will think you're a blue bubble guy, if that's important to you.

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  7. It would be more fair to compare iMessage to Skype, WhatsApp, Viber, as they have some similar features, and some features aren’t present in iMassage, such as typing the answer and referring the specific message of your friend inside your reply

  8. If one wants to record an audio massage, press the icon and slide your finger tip to the middle of the slider appeared. Then you can take your finger away and continue recording without holding your finger on the dedicated icon.

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